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Three Flint Blade shows this week you CANNOT miss! (xposted)

Monday!! (that's tonight) -- Nakava in Boca Raton from 9 PM sharp till the candles burn out.

Thursday!! -- Double-booking with Alexx Calise at the Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca. If you haven't yet seen Alexx play, you MUST be at this show, one of us will start at 9 PM sharp.

Friday!! -- 3 hours of music at the Vienna Coffeehouse and Bistro in Davie. Starts at 6:30 PM

About me (Flint Blade)
I play ethereal jazz and jazz standards on a 14-string guitar using the two-handed tapping method of playing, which amounts to playing a bass or rhythm line with one hand, and the melody or harmony with the other hand. My originals are all instrumental to date.
Here's my guitar:

Check out some MP3s and videos and whatnot on my website, www.flintblade.com
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